What is Involved in a Theta Healing® Session?

Each practitioner has his or her own style on how they conduct a session. Generally, a practitioner will connect to your energy with your given consent and perform an intuitive scan, belief work, downloads, and healings. He or she may ask you what you would like to work on. If you are unsure as to what it is you want the session to focus on you might be asked, “If you could change anything in your life right now, what would it be?” Theta Healing can address a wide variety of issues; the practitioner will likely teach you how to muscle test yourself to see what beliefs you have that might be triggering the area you are seeking to change. The practitioner will ask for your verbal permission before changing any beliefs and for any healings done as nothing is changed without your permission.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The Theta Healing technique can cover a lot of deep work in a short amount of time. Depending on the issue you want to work on, as well as your readiness to address it, one session of Theta Healing can definitely mark a shift for many clients. However, there really is no “right” answer. Since each person is different, results will vary from person to person, depending on the depth of work that’s needed to be done around certain beliefs. As some beliefs may be more complex, certain issues might require more sessions in order for them to be changed.

In ThetaHealing® You Talk About the Creator. What is the Creator?

Creator is defined as the energetic force that is in all things in existence.

Do I Have to Change My Religion to Practice Theta Healing®?

No. Theta Healing is an energy healing technique and not a religion.

Theta Healing is open to all people of various backgrounds regardless of their religion. While Theta Healing welcomes you to incorporate your own religion into the technique, it is not bound to any religion but accepting of all.

What Should I Do to Prepare For My Session?

Drink plenty of water before coming to each session as some muscle testing might be used. Being hydrated will help to muscle test accurately in session and confirm the changes in your subconscious programming. It is also important to come to a session with a clear outline of the issue(s) you want to work on as well as set a positive intention for the session as this will help accelerate your own progress.

Is a Theta Healing® Session Done in Person or Over the Phone?

A Theta Healing session can be done in person as well as over the phone and on Skype. Since Theta Healing is an energy healing technique, it does not require the practitioner to be face-to-face with the client in order for it to work.

You State That Your Background is in Counselling. Is This What I’m Getting?

No. While my professional and educational background is in clinical counselling, my Theta Healing sessions are treated as separate from this. Although some talk therapy may be used in our session together, the framework of the session is based on the Theta Healing technique as taught by Vianna in her manuals and classes. Like many other energy healing modalities, Theta Healing uses the energy of Source/God/Creator to co-create the change or transformation the client wishes to experience. During the session, some issues may be brought up that can trigger difficult emotions for the client; this can be a part of the healing process. Having a practitioner who is able to hold the space for the client while s/he explores their emotions while being both empathetic and sensitive to their story is of utmost importance; this is where I would bring my trained counselling experience to our session in order to best help you on your healing journey.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment, a 24-hour notice on the previous business day must be given, otherwise, you will be charged the full session fee. If for example, you have an appointment on Monday, then you must cancel by Friday to avoid the cancellation fee. All appointments are booked based on the allocated time most suitable for the client and practitioner to work exclusively together. Since there is a high demand for services and certain times of the day for most people, it is requested this time be honoured.

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